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Hello! I am a freelancer for organic social media and email marketing as well as web design, website optimization, and paid advertising, working with businesses, social media managers, and marketing services. I have worked for many different industries including Entertainment, Dance Education, Health, Beauty, Jewelry, Spiritual, Video Game Streamers, Automotive, Financial, Fashion, Bakers, Marketing Agencies, and Freelancers. My experience is creating content involving copywriting, graphics, and video for a diverse set of brands while developing social media and marketing strategies. I have used scheduling, analytics, & metrics apps, various marketing automation software, website builders, and ecommerce platforms. Additionally, I have used most social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, ClubHouse, Discord, Google Business Profiles, etc. I am constantly learning and doing my own research to stay on top of the most recent marketing tactics and social media features, trends, news, analytics, and strategies. I am ready to create content for your business and personal marketing. I look forward to working and growing with you and your business!

***Full Marketing Resume and References Available Upon Request.***  

To set up a FREE Discovery Call or for all other inquiries: 

Below are some examples of companies I have worked with and created content for.


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